Why Rick And Morty's "Ticket Theory" Could Actually Be True

Published on December 15, 2020

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Howdy ScreenRanters! To get your fill of Rick and Morty, come on down to our YouTube content! Rick and Morty is infamous in sparking many theories about the show. We can probably thank the sci-fi elements and the endless possibilities put forward as a result. Today, we’re going to explore a theory. A fun theory. Known as the Ticket Theory. If this speculative idea is correct, it could change how you see Rick and Morty!

In the video, we’ll explain the theory in more detail and what its implications entail. Then, we show you our evidence package. We go back to the episode when the theory came into existence. We look at the many hints that highlight the universe’s shifting phenomena. Following up, we take a look at a later episode where the evidence mounts up even more! You’ll even get to find out why some fan favourite characters, like Mr. Poopybutthole, are included!Isn’t that swell? After we go over the Multiverse in the show, we take a look at the impact of this theory. So before season four comes out, let’s dive into this theory right now! If the theory is correct, it can change the landscape of the show. FOREVER! Or until the show ends — which it could possibly last forever. So, if you want your noodle to do some thinking about the show, then you HAVE to check out the video. Even if we say so ourselves. It’s essential viewing. We’ll see you later alligators! At the start of the video, of course!

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