Why did you leave me( 🩸 ⚠️, glitch)

Published on December 15, 2021

Eons ago, after the brothers fell, a war between demons and angels came to be when fallen angels and Lilith’s children corrupted the world, Satan and Belphegor were in war trying find a new home to escape, Belphegor ended doing things he wasn’t supposed to do and that made Satan’s wrath grew. Satan got so mad at Belphegor he threw him at a wall and broke his head and neck, leaving a permanent scar on the back of Belphegor’s neck, Satan ran away from regret and they both reunited in hell 100s of years later, Satan becoming the first king of hell meeting his younger brother, yet the young one couldn’t kill him. Belphegor was the last one to become a deadly sin

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