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Published on January 18, 2021


In the chaotic world of OCs and 72-chapter sagas, only one man can save the day. And that man is you (unless you are a lady then it is a lady.) However, that (wo)man is going to need some help to tame the wild Fanfiction frontier. This is a video that will change his/her life forever… [Reader Insert, Rated T]

NEW CREDITS THEME: Modal Shanghai – Get it here!

(And here’s the rest of the music she made for this video just in case)

Huge thanks to my guest voice actors! Please please PLEASE check out their stuff!

Jaltoid – Marissa/Self-Insert Narrator (Emi) and Kaito (Dalton)

Larry Bundy Jr. – Ally/Wattpad Narrator

Arimnaes – The Author/Horrifying Ostritch Man

William T. Sopp – Creepypasta Narrator

Chula – Meiko/Rin

pLasterbrain – Slashfic Narrator

Kaleb O’Brien La Mare animation!

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