The PAINFUL Decline of Rick and Morty

Published on May 13, 2022

I pulled several muscles while editing this. Anyway, Rick and Morty is still one of Adult Swim’s most popular and beloved shows. However, in recent years the quality of the storytelling and jokes has faltered dramatically. Here’s how Rick and Morty tragically declined.

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Tracks in order of appearance (Repeats not counted):

Persona 5 Strikers OST – Demiurge II: Negai
Persona 3 Mass Destruction Cover by GILL Studio –
Undertale OST – Home
Persona 4 Arena Ultimax OST – Break Out Of (Instrumental)
Roundabout by Yes
Team Fortress 2 OST – Main Theme
Attack on Titan Ashes on the Fire Cover by PianoPrinceOfAnime –
EPIC Rick and Morty Theme (Cover) by PiscesRising –
Persona 3 OST – Paulownian Mall
Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance OST – Stains of Time
Sonic Adventure OST – Azure Blue World (Emerald Coast)
For the Damaged Coda by Blonde Redhead
Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance OST – It Has To Be This Way
Moon Men – Jake Chudnow Cover by Eggplant 100 –
Kaichou Wa Maid Sama OST – Net idol AOI-chan
THE iDOLM@STER 2 – Kyun! Vampire Girl by Takane Shijou
Persona 4: Dancing All Night OST – Specialist
Hataraku Maou-sama! OST – Ashiya All Fired Up
Naruto OST – Naruto’s Daily Life
Black Cat OST – Hungry Kitchen
Kahoot! – 5 Second Count Down ⅓
Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story + Bowser Jr.’s Journey OST – Toad Town (Outside)
Yakuza Kiwami OST – Flirt With Bomb
Earthbound OST – Buy Somethin’ Will Ya!
Deltarune OST – Hip Shop
Fruits Basket OST – Both Styles
Carnival Phantasm OP – Super Affection
Persona 3 OST – Iwatodai Dorm
Accel World OST – White Air
Kirby Air Ride OST – Item Bounce
Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time! OST – Dimensional Map
Vivaldi – Winter Remix Cover by Electric String Quartet Asturia –
The Overunder – Circles And Squares (Outro song) –

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