The Downfall Of Rick And Morty – Season 4 Sucks – What Went Wrong?

Published on October 30, 2021

Hello, my beautiful squad fams and welcome back to another great video. I want to talk today about one of my favorite tv shows ever! Rick and Morty is one of the shows that sums up this generation very well with its great satire and self-awareness.. rick and Morty! I love this show. so don’t get me wrong I am not criticizing for the sake of it, but sadly rick and Morty season 4 the new tv show series in my opinion sucks! And it sucks so bad and is truly disappointing and I am sad to say this but I do not even like the show anymore. I of course still love the first two seasons – If you want a more detailed review on why Rick and Morty season 4 sucks please see my last video on Rick and Morty!

I am very sad to say I do not like Rick and Morty season 4 because it takes away so many aspects of the show that made it great – maybe this is because it is so popular now that it has to cater to such a big and wide audience now so it has because so diluted. I will talk about this fairly as I was such a big fan of Rick and Morty and I did not want to see Rick and Morty became disappointing but sadly here we are so please listen to my points and tell me yours in the comments down below.

If you do not even know what rick and Morty is about here is a summary – After having been missing for nearly 20 years, Rick Sanchez suddenly arrives at daughter Beth’s doorstep to move in with her and her family. Although Beth welcomes Rick into her home, her husband, Jerry, isn’t as happy about the family reunion. Jerry is concerned about Rick, a sociopathic scientist, using the garage as his personal laboratory. In the lab, Rick works on a number of sci-fi gadgets, some of which could be considered dangerous. But that’s not all Rick does that concerns Jerry. He also goes on adventures across the universe that often involve his grandchildren, Morty and Summer.

Rick And Morty Season 4 Sucks Now? Season 4 is disappointing! Review

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This is my follow up video that got a lot of opinions and views last time and is a hot topic on the rick and Morty Reddit so I thought I would talk about the new mid season of Rick and Morty season 4 the second half otherwise knowns as ”the other 5” Because they are so lazy they can’t even release a full season even though they have now signed a contract to make rick and Morty last almost forever which of course will be like watching a dead horse put on a circus show! I will defend my last points in the previous video as I still stand by what I said and many of the fans agree with me! Mostly this is because of the change of writes and how mainstream the show has gotten and the fact they don’t really care about the plot or character development anymore so I think The Rick and Morty franchise is doomed!

Enjoy this video and please remember this is just mine and many others opinion I don’t care if you are a blind fan boy! Just because you love something does not mean others have to love it also!

The Downfall Of Rick And Morty

I am sorry to say but I loved this show but now I really do think this The Downfall Of Rick And Morty franchise and maybe The Franchise Doomed?




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