The Dark Story Behind Rick's Past | Rick and Morty Theory

Published on February 12, 2020

Rick and Morty does not shy away from the dark theme and incorporating this to Rick’s past, I theorize the dark past behind Rick Sanchez. This theory is clearly not perfect and probably has tons of plotholes but I would gladly take comments and criticisms on it so I could build a better one in the future. Thank you. Make sure to check Janikowski’s theory on Reddit!

Proof Rick’s wife is still alive. from rickandmortytheory

Song Used:
Higher Brothers – Open It Up (Instrumental)
JOJI – Slow Dancing in the Dark 80s Synthwave Remix
Prod. Mad Blade Beats


The video clips showed is from Rick and Morty, an adult cartoon owned by Adult Swim and the creators of Rick and Morty

Proof Rick’s wife is still alive. from rickandmortytheory

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The Dark Story Behind Rick’s Past | Rick and Morty Theory

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