The Complete Rick and Morty Timeline | Channel Frederator #Shorts

Published on July 24, 2022

The Complete Rick and Morty Timeline | Channel Frederator #Shorts

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Rick’s drunk and sad and depressed and can hop universes. He takes his grandson Morty with him and there are infinity of them. Hey look, they destroyed their entire universe and moved to a new one. It’s fine, happens all the time

Rick makes his family’s life a living hell, and as any well-balanced individual would do, he kills everyone in power and destabilizes the political landscape of his universe because he hates his son-in-law, Jerry and doesn’t want him to have a job. His daughter, Beth and Jerry Separate, but get back together, eventually. But overall, they’re deeply unhappy people that struggle with frustrations of inadequacy

But wait, there’s another place where all the Ricks and Mortys congregate and they govern all Rick and Mortys in the Central Finite Curve don’t’ worry about it. Also, there’s an evil Morty and he’s in charge now
After Beth murks some dudes, Rick offers to clone her so one of them can go on adventures like her dad. We meet Space Beth later, but not before Rick gets into a fight with the president and is emasculated in front of his family

After more misadventures, Space Beth shows up and a battle between everyone and the galactic federation ensues, with the family winning, but caring even less about Rick. Ditto for the federation since space Beth was more of a threat, anyway. Morty and his sister have a giant baby together named Naruto
Morty fixes some of the damage they’ve caused in the past but Rick is a sociopath and doesn’t like that so he replaces Morty with some birds for a hot minute.

Rick and Morty reunite, find out evil Morty wants to break out of the franchise and go solo, and Evil Morty ends up killing basically every Rick and Morty to use their blood to power his super portal machine. Evil Morty escapes and our Rick and Morty’s future is uncertain
Is that good? I don’t even know anymore. How am I supposed to summarize-

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