The Best of LukeOrSomething 2020!

Published on October 16, 2021

The best moments from all of LukeOrSomething’s videos this year, featuring Tommyinnit, Quackity, Junky Janker, Tubbo, BrodyAnimates, Purpled, Pulse Fire, Grunk, Robbo & more!

I spent all year on this video and made sure there wasn’t a single dull moment so please watch all the way through, it helps me out a lot.

All videos featured can be found in the playlists on my channel 🙂

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Twitch – @lukeorsomethinglive

In this LukeOrSomething making / hosting video it is actually not a video but instead a compilation of funny moments. This video contains my youtube science fair with Tommyinnit and Tubbo from dream smp, my we made a Disney channel show video, exclusive never before seen content, and so much more! This is my funniest video yet and is full of laughs and comedy.

(if there are any odd cuts in the video, it is because I had to cut out all of the callmecarson videos I was in unfortunately)

LukeOrSomething – The Best of LukeOrSomething 2020!

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