Story Circle Examples | The Structure of Rick and Morty Explained

Published on July 28, 2022

In this video I cover the way the plot of Rick and Morty falls into the Story Circle by Dan Harmon which is a narrative structure created by, as you probably already guessed, Dan Harmon. But it just so happens Dan Harmon is the writer of Rick and Morty, so what better story to analyze in the context of the story circle?

This analysis covers Rick and Morty season one (episode one and two), so there are NO Rick and Morty Season 4 spoilers in this video.

The point of this video is to give context and examples for the Dan Harmon story circle video I did a while back ( Dan Harmon’s Story Circle is a narrative structure to help writers plot and outline their stories. It’s great for all writers from screenwriting to novels, though it was created by a screenwriter.

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