Spongebob In Real Life FULL MOVIE

Published on November 22, 2021

After 7 years, the SpongeBob in Real Life full movie is complete, I hope you enjoy all the fun and the epic adventure that came out of it πŸ™‚
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0:00 Intro from Patrick
1:14 Episode 1
4:04 Clive says hello
5:18 Episode 2
10:47 Clive’s Hunt for Spongebob
11:50 Episode 3
20:45 Clive learns a lesson
21:41 Episode 4
28:06 Episode 5
37:20 Episode 6
51:22 The Great Finale
57:09 Clive says goodbye
58:08 Credits (episode 6)

Patrick Intro animated by: Rofy Enrique

Full Credits in reverse episode order:
Co-Directed by: B. Logan McGaha & Jonathan Chase
Written by: Jonathan Chase, B. Logan McGaha, Kyle J. Anteski, & Jordan Stroud
Director of Photography: Trevor Masterson
Editors: Jonathan Chase, Kyle J. Anteski, Scott Beall, & Jordan Stroud
Animators: JChaseFilms, Logan Malicoat &
Jonochrome | https://www.youtube.com/user/Jonochrome
Neuroddic | https://www.youtube.com/Neuroddic
3D Models by: Brandon McMillan & JChaseFilms
VFX: JChase Films Inc. & Insane Dragon Productions
Camera Operator: Trevor Masterson
Assistant Camera: Austin Ogle
Sound Recording: Chris Goggin
Boom Op: Hisham Ahmed Saif Al-Farqani
Assistant Directors: Jordan Stroud & Kyle Anteski
Script Supervisors: Katherine Golan & Taylor Cole
Grip/Gaffing Team: Scott Beall & Taylor Cole
Catering: Brandon Hafeli

Chris Hardy on fiverr.com- Voice of Spongebob, Squidward, Homer parody, & Bender parody
Brad Austin- Patrick, Mr Krabs, & Plankton
Taylor Ellgen- Sandy
Jonathan Chase- Himself
Andrew Chase- Himself
Spencer Johnson- Damian Cooper
Alex Zug- Edmonton the butler
Ryan “Tewtiy” Phillips – Agent 2T | https://www.youtube.com/Tewtiy
“My3kids98” on fiverr.com- Recap Narrator
“Whiskymate” on fiverr.com- Rick and Morty parodies
“Sounddaddy” on fiverr.com- South Park parodies
Alex Clark- Animated Alex Clark
Brandon Hafeli- Laptop Film Nerd
Brad Austin- Boom Mic Film Nerd
Kevin Brewer- Camera Film Nerd
Austin Ogle & Jason Chase – Door Guards
Harold Lercius – Captain Security Guard
B. Logan McGaha – “Badguy School” Guard
Jordan Stroud – Hewis, Lewis, & Dewis guards
Samuel Johnson – Young Damian
Jason Albertson – Vernon Cooper Flashback Voice
Kevin Williamson – Vernon Cooper Flashback Body

EPISODE 5 (same as above with the following differences):
Director of Photography & Camera Operator: Gus Simpson
Sound Recorder & Boom Operator: Brad Austin
007 Kevin- Kevin Williamson

EPISODE 4 Cast (same as above with the following differences):
girl and guy on phone- Serenity Roberts & Thomas Roberts
Vloggers Kyle and Cameron- Kyle Anteski & Cameron Anteski
“Aliens!” Guy- Josiah Smith
Background Extras- Garrett Hortert & Zachary Peay

EPISODE 3 Cast (same as above with the following differences):
SpongeBob & Patrick Voices- Bryan Pike on fiverr.com
Comic Book Shop Employee- Justin Miller
Mermaid Man Voice- MrTrekster on fiverr.com
Mermaid Man Actor- Dylan King
Barnacle Boy Voice- MrTrekster on fiverr.com
Barnacle Boy Actor- Jonathan Chase
News Anchor-“tsweezey” on fiverr.com
Dirty Bubble- Chris Hardy on fiverr.com

SpongeBob & Patrick Voices- Bryan Pike on fiverr.com

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