solar opposites the fog of pupa season 3 full episodes part 1 #shortvideo

Published on July 30, 2022

solar opposites season 3 full episodes part 1 all rights reserved from 20 century fox studios and the creators and copyright owners of this show you can watch this show on hulu premium subscription adult swim and cartoon network you can also watch the new season 3 series on this show on hulu and adult swim theres gonna be season 3 season 2 and season 1 episodes of this show and am also gonna be starting a episode series on rick and morty also credits to the creators and distributors of this show justin roiland, chris westlake, dan harmon, sean glambrone, thomas middleditch and copyright owner of this show disney

solar opposites talks about family of aliens from a better world must take refuge in middle america, and they disagree on whether earth is awful or awesome a parallel story line follows a society of humans shrunk by the replicant yumyulack and imprisoned in a terrarium known as the wall and the pupa is a slug-like creature that contains all the information and history of the planet shlorp within its DNA. when it reaches maturity, it will grow in size to consume the entire planet, terraforming it into a new planet shlorp

copyright infringement reserved from disney motion pictures all rights of this video goes to copyright owners adult swim cartoon network disney production and program creators of the show justin roiland and dan harmon also i give a shoutout to volanttripx and he makes insane crazy videos and he livestreams on youtube and twitch thanks man for the support continue making awesome videos over there on your channel have a good day goodbye am gonna start another gaming series on another game soon after i finish ghost of tsushima and guardians of the galaxy i recorded portions of the gameplay already but i need to work on editing the whole gameplay together its gonna take a couple weeks or a couple of days stay patient for that to happen theres been a lack of not uploading on my channel after i uploaded the guardians of the galaxy gameplay video i was working on other stuff and staying off working on uploading videos and uploading on my channel taking a break off youtube and doing other stuff hope you understand when i don’t record for a while am taking breaks off youtube for a while theres gonna be another video coming soon today in the morning and in the afternoon theres more videos coming on this channel since summer break is almost over and am going back to school so theres am gonna be busy for a while but i will try to upload sometimes have a good day people goodbye
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