Show me what you got Cromulons Rick And Morty S2 E5-6

Published on November 3, 2021

Get Schwifty is first up followed by The Ricks Must Be Crazy. Rick and Morty sing to save planet Earth then they go inside his microverse battery to see why it’s not working.
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Show me what you got Cromulons Rick And Morty S2 E5-6.
What’s a Cromulon? Some kind of Sigma 6 creature thing I guess. They run a planetary music competition where the losers are disqualified & their planets are destroyed. Amazingly, with the help of each other, the president of the United States & Ice T who didn’t care about anything, but Rick made him care, they saved Earth. Meanwhile, Principal Vagina became head priest of Headism because everyone thought the giant flaoting head was God or something.
Then, Rick created a microverse inside a battery, let a planet form and create intelligent life. He introduced them to the wonders of electricity, so that he could power his car & charge his phone. Zeep Xanflorp made his own miniverse battery to do exactly the same thing. Then they got stuck & had to work together before beating each other up & blah blah.
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Rick & Morty was suggested for me to watch & react to by a friend. The show is quite short, so there probably won’t be too many episodes of this but I’ll enjoy the crude, rude humor anyway every weekend! If you like, stick around! I also watch One Piece & may start a few other anime soon.

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