Shit Eclair Underwear – [Podquisition]

Published on January 14, 2020

RIP – Dark Souls 3 butt glitch.
This was a fun animation to work on. Glad I managed to get it finished before I went on vacation, I’d hate to have that big a gap in my work flow. Laura, if you’re readin’ this, thanks again for lettin’ me animate this. I hope you didn’t have it in the line-up for your own Podquisition animated series or anything.

Also, you guys have helped me stay sane during my lowest points during my rut. It was super stressful, and you guys really helped me out a lot…thanks. [though I doubt you’ll read this]

Next animation will be Dark Souls 3, just gotta wrap up the script.


Podquisition episode 44 –

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