Rick & Morty Song – I’M FINE – Beth In Real Life (Whitney Avalon & Brendan Milburn)

Published on December 26, 2019

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A Rick & Morty musical?! Oooh wheee, welcome to dimension C-042, where live-action Beth is definitely not fine, no matter what she says.

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Writer, Producer, Director, Beth: Whitney Avalon http://www.imdb.me/whitneyavalon
http://twitter.com/whitneyavalon http://facebook.com/whitneyavalon

Composer, Music Producer: Brendan Milburn https://www.youtube.com/c/BrendanIsMakingASongAWeek

Rick’s Hands: T.C. De Witt
Bartender: Stephen Sean Ford
Waitress: Alice Prime
Taddy: Andrew Racho
Tommy: Danny Montooth
Jacqueline: Caroline Sharp
Dr. Wong: Candace Ostler

Cinematographer, Colorist: Merlin Showalter
Production Coordinator: Elizabeth Osterwisch
Editor, Stills: Kate West
Executive Assistant: Caroline Sharp
Hair & Make-Up: Rachel Galey
1st Assistant Camera: Alejandro Echevarria
Production Designer: Katie Moest
G&E Swing: Billy Brenner
Script Supervisor, Choreographer: Sarah J. Eagen
Craft Service: Candace Ostler
2nd Assistant Camera: Tia Workman
Recording Engineer: Will Hampton
Music Mix/Master: Ed Boyer
Thanks: YouTube Space LA, Ryan Elder, Curt Bonnem, Indy Mogul (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uBO3GrtVYcY is their DIY video on making that portal gun!)

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** LYRICS **
Well, look at you! Here of all places!
It seems no matter where I go you’re always there somehow
I can’t escape your angry faces
Try to leave them in the past but you show up here and now
Which one are you? I mean, you’re glowing!
A metaphorical glow – stop looking at your hand
Jerry’s home, so I really should be going
Oh, you’re asking how I am, but it’s phrased like a demand

I’m fine
My heart’s not broken
I’m not smiling just to hide my every tortured thought
I’m fine
There’s nothing unspoken
It’s not clear you’re here to use me like a butter bot

Well, this was fun! A father-daughter catch up!
You only said a hundred things that make me wanna puke
Look, you’ve made sure this is not an even match-up
To change your mind at all would take a tactical nuke
In between burps, you keep expounding
on these nihilistic theories you present as facts
You’re always right! The odds are astounding!
So people die while you’re spewing wisecracks

No really, I’m fine
Believe me, bub
I’m not consumed with rage so strong my body is on fire
I’m fine
Wubba lubba dub dub
It’s not abundantly clear that you’re a total liar
Summer’s not upset that on one picture day I clocked her
It’s so fun she’s seventeen, like me when she was born
I’m not feeling old and I am a real doctor
Unlike Natalie Imbruglia I am not torn

Maybe you’re not evil and it’s just the way you’re drawn
But you don’t even think of me as human, just a pawn
Life for you is one big selfish everlasting con
It would make this universe much simpler… if you were gone.

I’m fine
Therapy’s working
I’ve never had sociopathic tendencies
I’m fine
I don’t see you smirking
I’m not “meeseeking” your love with my dependencies
Since I’m not a clone, that means I chose this, and it thrills me
No nightmares about Froopyland and how much you knew
My life isn’t dull and my family fulfills me
I haven’t realized I’m exactly like you
I’m fine, no really
I’m fine, I’m fine, I’m fine


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