Rick Grimes Tribute || Too Far Gone [TWD]

Published on December 24, 2019

Soundtrack: Frank’s Choice
Artist: Tyler Bates

Hey everyone, I just couldn’t stop myself from using this song again for the third time already! I just really love the vibe this song has with the perfect build up and incredible pay off at the drop. Frank’s choice is definitely one of my favourite soundtracks to listen to. It was originally featured in the show ‘The Punisher’, which most of you know of course.

I’ve used similar songs for Rick Grimes before, and people seemed to like those videos, such as ‘I’m Not The Good Guy Anymore’ and ‘The Story of Rick Grimes’. So I figured why not. I was originally going to use this for a Shane Walsh tribute (which is iron since Jon Bernthal is also the actor for Frank Castle), but ultimately decided to go with our long surviving sheriff’s deputy.

The title ‘Too Far Gone’ refers of course to the season 4 episodes 1-8 story arc about Rick trying to be more humane so his son can live a somewhat normal life. Now in the show they make Rick the good guy and have the Governor be too far gone (albeit you could say Rick was also too far gone, because he literally chewed out a guy’s throat and all, but I don’t want to get into that, since I think it was justified), but now I wanted to make Rick look a lot darker and more menacing, so I’ve made him to be the person who is too far gone. With this soundtrack is was rather easy to do and I had a lot of fun editing this together. I tried to bring in new shots, since I’ve noticed I’m reusing a lot of the same scenes in my edits and it’s kind of becoming awkward.

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