Rick And Morty's Most Messed Up Character Isn't Rick (Spoiler: It's Beth)

Published on May 8, 2022

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You know, you might assume that Rick Sanchez is the most messed up character in all of Rick and Morty. It’s him who causes pretty much all of the mayhem after all, excluding the time that Morty Cronenberged the entire planet… but if you think about it, that was kind of on Rick too. But, even though he causes chaos wherever he goes, his daughter Beth Smith might just be the most disturbed character in the Rick and Morty universe! She shot Mr Poopy Butthole after all, she’s a monster! And there are a whole lot of other reasons why Beth is pretty deranged, like the fact that Rick had to build her a magical land to keep her away from the neighborhood when she was a kid.

Beth was causing so much destruction with the terrifying inventions she had Rick make for her that he hid her away in Froopy Land so she wouldn’t hurt anyone. Which almost worked, until she abandoned her friend Tommy there forever. And then there is her relationship with her daughter that really isn’t winning her any parenting awards any time soon. She told Summer she was unwanted in the worst way possible! Beth is super neglectful of Morty, and actually prefers not to have him around. Her relationship with Jerry is just all kinds of messed up, and even though Rick has been horrible to her, she still needs his approval more than anything.
For all these reasons and more, Beth might just be the craziest character on Rick and Morty.

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