Rick and Morty vs Stewie and Brian (feat. KingMewtwo). Super Star Rap Battle! (SSRB #4)

Published on July 28, 2022

rick and morty season 5 vs family guy rap battle
It’s the battle of cartoon geniuses and their partners in this SSRB!
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Rick: Jofinity
Morty: dk
Stewie: King Mewtwo
(main channel)
(rap battle channel)
Brian: Jofinity
Editing: Jofinity
Writing: Jofinity


Brian, (yeah?) is this slimy old man tryna fight us?
Kills himself for survival, but thinks that he can out-rhyme us?
(This is like the time they had a VR game
Because just like Troy, they’re dyin’ after gettin’ played)

Right Brian, but I find it quite amusing the way Rick is using
His grandson for zoo trips just for drug consumin’
I mean, that’s hardly human (The only space crime he commits is child abusin’)
car crash sound
(burp) Morty, I think I hit a dog with my car
(It’s ok Rick, no one remembers who they are
Calm down Morty, just let me handle the bars

Grass tastes bad is a pretty fitting slogan
Because Seth McFarlane? More like Seth Rogan
(Good one Rick!) I don’t need your help Morty
But I’m sure even you could better parent this shorty

(This reminds me of the time you two tried to spit hot
[It’s time to get schwifty] {show me what you got}
Portal out of this battle, like a plumbus you’re screwed
Or maybe clone yourself and have him rap for you)

I know an old man that’s very similar to you
You’re both very annoying and have the same IQ
No timeline where you win, my rhymes interdimensional
Your raps are funnier than when you turned into a pickle

(Get your sh*t together and make some good rhymes)
I know I get high a lot, but you must be doing lines
*burp* Get it Morty? Lines like cocaine?
Oh I forgot, none of you have brains

(very funny Rick, can you just win already?)
Well it’s not very hard, he sucks at rapping like Dababy
(are you sure we can we say that Rick?)
Morty, since when do I give a sh*t?

This Morty fellow seems familiar, quite
He reminds me of the chicken that the fat man fights
(But don’t forget Rick, too, suicide part two
Abandon you in this battle like your family did you)

You’re a Drunken Clam, and a forgotten old man
(Killin’ you in a battle like your Hitler Abraham)
Maybe I’ll lend my time machine to reverse this
You see, bringing back the dead was its original purpose

NO TIME TRAVEL! (Makes sense you’d stoop to that)
When you struck out like Stewie with a baseball bat
What annoys me even more is he denies the laws of physics
His stupid head is a football and you bet I’m gonna kick it

(Aw jeez Rick, he’s a baby, have some reason)
He’s old enough Morty with his 19 seasons
L-l-lick my balls now that I’ve had my fun
I’ll be taking the win, and the wubba lubba dub dub!

This series is a tribute to ERB, VGRB, Freshy Kanal, and other nerdcore artists.
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