Rick And Morty Theory: Evil Morty Is Actually Rick!

Published on December 1, 2020

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Hi ScreenRanters! We hope you’re well. Rick and Morty is an animated TV show involving a lot of science. The show involves scientific concepts such as cloning and inter-dimensional travel. As well as many, many more. One other concept would be the multiverse. And with that, the various other versions of Rick and Morty. One of the most infamous cases being the Evil Morty! This mysterious character originally appeared as Eyepatch Morty. After being found out as an evil mastermind, he has wreaked havoc in the show. At least subtly…for now! But we know very little about the character and his secretive past. When TV characters are presented with barely any information, the internet will come to the rescue! They fill in the knowledge-blanks with theories! Which brings us onto the topic of today’s video, is Evil Morty actually Rick? We say yes!

In the video, we’ll take an in-depth look at this cryptic character. His actions on the show and the titbits of information we know for sure. Then we’ll go over the theory in detail. Such as what the theory is exactly. Then, we will look at the evidence and hints the show has provided us. How does his debut episode factor into him being a Rick? How are Rick and Evil Morty similar? Why is Evil Morty not a Morty? What does his campaign to become president of the Citadel tell us? How can a Morty be a Rick? All these questions and more will be answered with theories! As the show’s new season is just around the corner, this theory will tide you over for a bit until then! So, what are wubba lubba dub dub waiting for? Click the play button and get your noggins massaged by this fun theory!

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