Rick and Morty Theme x Evil Morty (Piano Jazz Toccata)

Published on December 4, 2020

What do you get when you mashup the opening theme of Rick and Morty with the Evil Morty (For the Damaged Coda) and infuse it with some Jazzy undertones? Well, this.

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=======(The Details)=======
This is an older arrangement I did a few years back on the channel, this time in the new bird’s-eye format! This arrangement is made of 2 main sections: The Opening Theme at the start and the Evil Morty Theme halfway through. I’m not a jazzer so I’m pretty pleased with how all the Jazz riffs turned out. Players beware. This is one of the trickier arrangements on the channel. Now i just have to transcribe it…

Your Pianist,

Erik C.

P.S. The seemingly random green notes in the latter half are to highlight the ‘Opening Theme’ coming back/splicing into the Evil Morty Theme.

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=======(More Info)=======

Track: Main Theme/ Opening Theme
From: Rick and Morty
Composers: Ryan Elder

Track: For the Damaged Coda
Original Artists: Blonde Redhead

Midi: https://www.patreon.com/posts/rick-and-morty-33739357
Sheets: coming soon
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