RICK AND MORTY Season 5 Episode 3 Breakdown | Easter Eggs, Things You Missed And Ending Explained

Published on October 29, 2021

RICK AND MORTY Season 5 Episode 3 Breakdown | Easter Eggs, Things You Missed And Ending Explained. We review, recap, explain, break down and point out all the easter eggs and hidden details in the third episode of Rick And Morty Season 5 ‘A Rickconvient Mort.’ This decoy heavy entry has a lot to unpack and this video covers everything you missed.

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0:00 Rick And Morty Breakdown Intro
0:17 Captain Planet Easter Eggs
2:08 Diesel Weasel Things You Missed
3:44 Me Begging For Likes
4:01 Episode 4 Recap And Hidden Details
10:29 Review

Now the entry introduces the new character Planetina who is clearly playing on the superhero Captain Planet, the eco-maniac from the 90s.

Incase you kids aren’t as old as your uncle Paul then you might not remember him but growing up I was absolutely obsessed with the cartoon.

After the destruction that humans had dealt on the planet, Gaia sent several rings to do-gooders known as the planeteers.

These all possessed certain abilities in them such as the power to control air, water, wind and dirt….f**cking magnets how do they work.

They all had their own unique things but together they could summon Captain Planet….he’s a hero.

Captain Planet and the planeteers would travel around the earth, cleaning up oil spills, stopping corporations from cutting down the rain forest and they were just sort of Greta Thunberg….with a video game.

Almost every episode would end with Cap telling us ‘the power is yours’ and this is something that we see Planetina say to Morty. Her music also uses the same chord progression that his theme had and she speaks in rhyme…which gives me an acid pain.

Ey you having that.

We even see the cartoon intro for Planetina at one point and this is clearly pulling several elements, ey from the original work.

Voiced by Alison Brie, Planetina does a great job of saving the planet but as always greed twists the message to have it be a certain way.


The episode opens with Rick and Morty coming out of Johnny D’s custom tees with some brand new personalised merch. This has their face on it with the caption Pussy Pounders which I think might be a reference to the Pussay Patrol from The Inbetweeners however it’s just something utter lads like us call ourselves when we’re out and about.

Lads lads lads.

In the window we can also see a nod to Mr. Meeseeks who first appeared in Season 1 episode 5.

I think there’s what also looks like the chest of a teenage mutant ninja turtle which of course was also a cartoon from the 90s.

Now speaking of 90s cartoons we get a nod to what I think is the biker mice from Mars with the arrival of Diesel Weasel.

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