Rick and Morty season 3: When is episode 2 out?

Published on May 3, 2022

RICK AND MORTY’s “Rickmancing the Stone” is the next episode in the hit Adult Swim animated comedy. But when is episode two of Rick and Morty season three out?

When is Rick and Morty season 3 episode 2 released?
Rick and Morty are returning to Adult Swim and Netflix later this month on Sunday July 30.

Episode two will premiere in the US at 11.30pm and UK fans will have a chance to catch up with the series on Netflix.

“Rickmancing the Stone” will be the second instalment in the new series and will pit Rick on a wild mission to save his granddaughter Summer.

Adult Swim pulled off the ultimate April Fools’ prank on its fans when the first episode, “The Rickshank Redemption” unexpectedly premiered online.

Rick and Morty creator Dan Harmon got into a Twitter argument with a fan, who wrote: “Nobody gives a s***, I just wanna know where’s season 3.”

He replied: “What if I waved a magic wand and made the first episode from season three premiere tonight. Is that what you’d want?”

“Happy now mother f***a,” Mr Harmon added after dropping the episode.

The episode premiere kicked off a live stream of Rick and Morty episodes on the Adult Swim website – but only in the US.

Fans were dismayed when the last episode of season two aired in 2015 and the show went on a creative hiatus.

In February this year, writer Mike McMahan teased the return of the show by tweeting a picture of the script.

Mr Harmon also took a moment at the Sundance Film Festival in January 2017 to apologise for the delays.

He said: “I’m so sorry. I don’t have a release date for season three.”

“It’s late because of us, it’s late because of me. Rick and Morty keeps taking longer and longer to write, and I don’t known why”.

Where can you watch Rick and Morty?
Ahead of the season three premiere, season one and two of Rick and Morty can be streamed online on Netflix.

Adult Swim also occasiaonly runs an online marathon of every episode including the season three premiere.

There is a catch however, as the marathons are only available to stream in America.

US fans with an American network cable provider can watch the episodes online.

Source: express.co.uk

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