Rick And Morty Recap: 10 Things You Missed In Season 4 Episode 1

Published on December 24, 2019

Rick And Morty Season 4 Is Back And Fans Are Loving It!
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The new Rick and Morty season has been a long time coming and it doesn’t disappoint. Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland have been in their bag, searching through the depths of pop culture to create a dense, absurd and, as always, hilarious new episode. There are a lot of little moments that you might have missed if you weren’t paying attention.

First of all, there’s the AKIRA plot. It’s so out-there and in your face you may have missed the reference to the 1980s movie (and manga). That big gooey mass that Morty turns into? That’s a reference to Tetsuo in AKIRA, whose powers get so out of control that he bubbles up into a giant blob that consumes everyone around him. Luckily, it goes much better for Morty.

There are also scenes in the new episode that are more political than anything that has ever appeared in Rick & Morty. When Rick tries to clone himself back to life in a few different dimensions, he meets a lot of different fascists. Normal ones, shrimp ones and teddy bear ones. Although Rick’s not the nicest guy, he does draw the line somewhere and, in this episode he even has a little political call-out line.

Perhaps our favourite reference of “Edge of Tomorty: Rick Die Rickpeat” is when Rick badmouths Kirkland, the house brand of Costco. When Morty goes Hot Fuzz and takes a bunch of Morty’s weapons to fight a bully, he also takes all of his Meeseek boxes, leaving only the off-brand versions. Out of the box, pops a lazy, cigarette-smoking version of the original who asks: “whaddya want?”

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