Rick and Morty Fan Theories After the Season 5 Finale (Spoilers)

Published on May 13, 2022

Going over some theory comments on my last video, and telling you what I think about it, and the problems with the theory itself.
Let me know what you think of these theories, and what other theories you have.
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The Season 5 Finale of Rick and Morty answered a multiverse of questions,
but it also left more for us to speculate about.
From what Evil Morty is going to do now,
to who will end up being the next big bad.
I made a couple videos about the finale and they did kinda well,
with only a few comments, but I wanted to take what the community is thinking,
and consolidate it into a video.
I pinned a comment and my recent rick and morty videos
asking for any theories that you have about what happened, and what’s going to happen next.
These are some the most popular ones I saw around.

First, a quick one, people really think there’s gonna be, and want a Gravity Falls collab.
We’ve had some easter eggs between the two series, the most known one being
that you can see some objects from Gravity Falls come out of one of Rick’s portals
in season 1, episode 10.
The main focus on why it’s being brought up again is the yellow portal color that
Evil Morty uses in the Season 5 Finale.
There’s also the similarity of the single eye between Bill Cypher and Evil Morty,
although that’s a stretch.
There was a cryptic message Cypher did that said he’d come back,
with reversing a distorting message, showing this.
I’m not going to say it’s anywhere near confirmed, but with the easter eggs,
the message, and the fact that Justin Roiland was a voice actor on Gravity Falls,
don’t give up on something to come of it, although don’t plan on it happening either.
No true strings, other than the easter egg objects,
but they’ve appeared throughout the series for awhile now.

This next one has been making the rounds lately.
It says that Assassin Rick, the Rick that killed Beth and Diane in our Rick’s memories,
might be Evil Morty’s real rick.
There’s also been theories for a long time that our Rick is his true Rick too,
but that theory has been covered a lot before.
Let’s focus on this recent one.
The theory states that Evil Morty started hating all Ricks
after finding out that his Rick killed a version of his Grandma, and Mom.
I could definitely see this being somewhere near truth.
One gripe I have with it is that Evil Morty seems to have a more specific grudge against our Rick,
it feels like there’s more than just getting out of the Central Finite Curve though.
We do know Evil Morty was good at acting the part,
and we can’t really say he was “nice” to the other Ricks in the citadel,
he did everything he needed to for his plan, and he did it perfectly.

Going along with the previous theory,
this one states that the Assassin Rick is actually one of the Ricks that’s outside the Central Finite Curve.
The CFC was created so our Rick didn’t have any true competition, no one smarter than him, until Evil Morty showed up.
We can obviously imply that Assassin Rick did outsmart our Rick, and could be a target dimension for keeping outside the curve.
We can imply the citadel was built before Evil Morty was “evil”, which would explain why he’s in the curve at all.
Also the Assassin Rick stuff happened before the curve existed, so his dimension definitely could’ve been sent outside it.

Last one for this video,
someone brought up a reason for Rick’s Portal gun steaming green, like it fizzled out.
We can see it’s also empty, but I don’t think we’ve seen it look as if it got burnt out.
The theory states that the portal guns use coordinates from a collective Rick dimension map to get to the different dimensions,
Since the citadel is completely gone this time, the schematics for the curve,
and hence a possible way to navigate between those in the curve,
there are no more working portal guns.
Although this would have series-breaking ramifications, I do think there is some credit to it, in a sense.
I feel that went the citadel went to hell, and Evil Morty hacked the portal fluid,
it could’ve been made to evaporate, or disappear over time someway, or even made to corrode and break the portal gun itself.
I think this could be a definite possibility.
They are stuck in space right now, where the citadel was, and now they have to journey back,
what I’m expecting Season 6 episode 1 to bring up,
and then Rick will get more fluid, or make a new portal gun as well,
leading it back to the normal series one-off episodes, without just being back with no explanation.

Hope you guys enjoyed, let me know what you think of these theories, and what other theories you have.
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