Rick And Morty: Every Universe Ranked From Cool To Crazy

Published on January 14, 2020

These Rick And Morty Dimensions Are Plain Wack
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Rick and Morty, one of the biggest animated shows in the world, is about to release the first half of its fourth season. While it’s not totally clear what adventures await Rick and Morty, we know for a fact that it’ll take them to some strange places. After all, Rick and Morty is perhaps best known for its collection of mind boggling universes.

Like the classic Hyper Fruit universe, the Post-Apocalyptic universe, Hamster In Butt World, and the Dog Dimension. Then there are the stranger dimensions, like the Ball Fondlers universe, the Furniture/Pizza/Phone dimension, and the Middle Ages Universe. Then there are the truly inspired locations like Jerryboree and the Citadel universe.

There are a ridiculous number of alternate realities in Rick and Morty, but only one of them can reign supreme. That’s why, in this video, TheBinger is going to going to rank them and determine which Rick and Morty universe is the best one.

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