Rick and Morty – Drop The Gun

Published on January 12, 2020

Morty: Holy cow, Rick! I didn’t know hanging out with you was making me smarter!

Rick: Full disclosure, Morty—it’s not. Temporary superintelligence is just a side effect of the Megaseeds dissolving in your rectal cavity.
Morty: Aw, man!

Rick: Yeah. And once those seeds weahh-wear off, you’re gonna lose most of your motor skills and… you’re also gonna lose a significant amount of brain functionality for 72 hours, Morty. [checks arm watches] Starting ruh-ight about now.
Which episode is your favorite?

Morty: Ohh, man! Ohh, ohhh geez!! Ohh…


Video by Alex Chaput

Produced by Adium

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