Rick and Morty Co-Creator Details Why Season 5 Was a Tough One

Published on August 5, 2022

Rick and Morty Co-Creator Details Why Season 5 Was a Tough One
Rick and Morty Co-Creator Details Why Season 5 Was a Tough One #creatordetails #mortycoRick and Morty has carved a place for itself in the history of animation. After all, the hit series is known as one of the biggest comedies on television, and millions have come to love its outlandish charm. Fans have Justin Roiland to thank in part for its success as he helped bring the show to life. And recently, the co-creator admitted the entire time had a tough time with season five last year.The conversation came courtesy of IGN as the site spoke with Roiland around San Diego Comic-Con. During their chat, the producer admitted season five of Rick and Morty was weird as it was the first the team did following a devastating loss. “Season 5 was a weird one. We lost [J. Michael] Mendel. It was tough we were thrown for a loop. That was… yeah. If I talk anymore, I’ll start crying,” Roiland explained. For those unfamiliar with the name, Mendel was a key part of the show’s team. The line producer oversaw most of Rick and Morty’s scripts, so his unexpected passing in 2019 shook the entire crew. Mendel’s experience on shows like The Simpsons and Solar Opposites gave him a clear wit which fans loved, and Roiland publicly mourned the producer’s death with fans years ago. READ MORE: Rick And Morty Creator Calls Season Six “Amazing” | Rick and Morty Season 6 Shares Release Date | Rick and Morty Shares First Synopsis for Season 6{replyCount}commentsClearly, season five must have been a difficult one for the production team. As for fans, Rick and Morty received mixed responses from fans when its latest season dropped. However, Roiland is now assuring fans the team is back on track with season six. Recent reports confirmed Adult Swim will debut the show’s next season come September, and the team is already working on future seasons of Rick and Morty behind the scenes.How do you feel Rick and Morty season five went? Are you looking forward to its next season? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.. #MortyCo-Creator #Co-CreatorDetails #Season #Morty #Details #Tough #Rick #Co-Creator
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