Rick and Morty Clone Wars Rick And Morty 5 Season 2 Episode Mortyplicity

Published on October 31, 2021

Rick and Morty Clone Wars Rick And Morty 5 Season 2 Series Mortyplicity
Rick, Morty, Summer, Beth and Jerry are having dinner when alien squid assassins kill them. They are revealed to be decoys, and the real Rick is alerted to their deaths. However, the real Smith family is revealed to also have been decoys, and a chaotic series of events erupts when the decoys are alerted to the deaths of other decoys and struggle to figure out which family is the original as the original Rick did not realize the decoys would resort to making more decoys. After a family of decoys clashes and kills another, they figure out that the squids are actually further decoys trying to kill all other versions of themselves. Another family, who still thinks they are real, are kidnapped by mutilated decoys trying to harvest their skin but are rescued by pinocchio-resembling decoys who attempt to rally a group of decoys but are crushed to death when squid-decoys kill them. One family alerts all decoys to their location and almost all of the decoys are killed in the ensuing mayhem, though several ignore the beacon and walk away unharmed. Meanwhile, the real Smith family, on an adventure with Space Beth, are alerted to the decoys’ deaths.

Post-credits scene: Pinocchio-Jerry, who previously escaped the squid decoys by abandoning the other decoys to their deaths, is cut into pieces by several beavers and subsequently taken by aliens, used as a mirror-holder in a cowboy saloon, and used as a crucifix, lamenting his inability to die.


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