Rick and Morty Characters In Real Life! Top 7 Cosplay!

Published on May 13, 2022

Rick and Morty Characters In Real Life

Number 1: Rick Sanchez

Starting off our list with the series’ alcoholic genius. Cosplayer Roman Slyunkov donned Rick’s iconic unibrow and portal gun which definitely showed how amazing his cosplay is. Moreover, cosplayer co_shuu from Instagram made a fantastic female version of Rick.

Number 2: Morty Smith

Cosplayers Danny and Lazui perfectly captured a troublesome tandem of Rick and Morty. After you’ve witnessed a clumsy Morty, cosplayer _afelt from Instagram looked like he just stepped out of a movie.

Number 3: Summer Smith

Cosplayer Marty Novotna from DeviantArt amazingly incorporated a portal gun edit in her photo.

Number 4: Beth Smith

The series won’t be complete without Beth’s wine sipping moments. Cosplayer Jaxx didn’t disappoint with how complete her costume is. Her facial expression and the smudge eyeliner are on point as well.

Number 5: Jerry Smith

He is known to be a coward and self-centered at times. However, the cosplay donned by cosplayer John Duell looks fantastic and made Jerry look like he will treat you to any arcade games you wanted.

Number 6: Birdperson

The prominent features of Birdperson were accurately portrayed by cosplayer Lee Tapscott.

Number 7: Snowball/Snuffles

If you wanted a Snowball in his robotic suit, cosplayer Allison Chase will make your jaw drop with her mind-blowing portrayal. Also, an adorable dog cosplay of Snuffles was done by Mattie the Maltese.

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