Rick and Morty C-138: Cyberpunk Saga Part 3 (Fan Made Audio Drama)

Published on August 20, 2022


Rick, Morty, Summer, Cyborg Summer, and Judge Bauer team up to track down Chloe Dessler, Bauer’s informant, while being chased by elite members of the Hall of Justice.

Cast in this episode:
William Nunn as Rick and Morty.
Brenna Bentley as Summer and Cyborg Summer.
Derek Hubbard as Judge Bauer.
Jeremy Lowery as Judge Lowery.
Jamie Hickman as Judge O’Brien.
And Xan Melanson as Chloe Dessler.
Additional voices are provided by members of the cast.

This episode was written, edited, and directed by William Nunn.

Poster by Xan Melanson.

Music used in the episode:
March of the White Knights by Garoad.
Main Menu by Michael McCann.
Intro Sequence by Alexander Brandon.
Majixx by Akira Takemoto.

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This is a nonprofit fan made episode. RIck and Morty is owned by Cartoon Network and Adult Swim and was created by Justin Rolland and Dan Harmon. We have no affiliation with the creators of the show or the network. No copyright infringement intended. Please support the official releases.

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