R-Rated Movies That Took Things Way Too Far

Published on May 9, 2022

R-rated movies are meant to push boundaries. Whether through risqué love scenes, gory action sequences, or even an extra helping of colorful language, audiences going into an R-rated movie have an expectation for something more extreme than your typical PG-13 fare.
While a lot of the time, these creative choices serve to enhance a grittier narrative, there are instances where a movie’s gratuitousness is just a little too gratuitous. These are the movies that push the MPAA’s restrictions for no other reason than to see how far they can be pushed — and for some, the result is a complete flop, both with critics and audiences. Here are some R-rated movies that went too far.

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The Hunt | 0:00
The Interview | 1:33
Movie 43 | 2:53
The Hangover Part II | 3:47
Zack and Miri Make a Porno | 4:41
The Hills Have Eyes 2 | 5:36
Postal | 6:47
Boat Trip | 7:45
Natural Born Killers | 8:25
Revenge of the Nerds | 9:40
Apocalypse Now | 10:35

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