PKA 518 Kyle's Surprise Probation Visit, Taylor's Embarrassing Story, Giuliani Melts

Published on October 14, 2021


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Timeline by LegitRage

0:00:00 – Woody introduces the show, Taylor introduces the sponsors
0:00:10 – Kyle’s caffeine addiction, coffee enemies & Gweneth Paltrow’s coochie candles
0:05:49 – Belle Delphine’s bath water and adult subscription services
0:11:41 – Kyle’s Subreddit of the week: /r/MirrorsForSale & intimate toaster fantasies
0:17:13 – Woody’s naughty house rule & sneakily charming the trouser snake as a teen
0:20:40 – Gordon Ramsay’s funniest moments on Kitchen Nightmare & Hell’s Kitchen
0:29:05 – Why Marco Pierre White is an even crazier chef than Gordon Ramsay
0:31:38 – Kyle’s surprise probation visit – When will he be free to leave Georgia?
0:37:06 – Which places will Kyle travel to first once his probation ends? (Vegas talk)
0:39:28 – Sad smoking areas, generous smokers & the best kinds of tobacco
0:45:45 – The time Kyle’s dad accidentally drank a dip-spit bottle of Dr Pepper
0:48:16 – Kyle reviews the awful movie that is 1988’s “Hell comes to Frogtown”
0:56:31 – The Mandalorian Season 2 discussion (spoiler alerts)
1:03:18 – UFC talk: Jon Jones looking scary at Heavyweight, McGregor vs Poirer & more
1:08:52 – Rudy Gulianni’s hair dye melts off his face during a live press conference
1:18:14 – Is it possible Trump runs for President again in 2024? Or will he be too old?
1:20:27 – How Alex Trebek’s passing won Kyle the PKA Morbidity pool
1:22:06 – Medically taking your own life & the tragic fate of Terry Shiavo
1:26:32 – Driving with one eye, Kyle’s next vehicle and keeping your car clean
1:31:07 – Taylor’s soda stream & why Woody doesn’t like carbonated drinks
1:34:20 – The guys share stories of emergency bathroom trips & stinky, awful mishaps
1:39:34 – The time Taylor absolutely ruined his girlfriend’s parents bathroom as a teen
1:45:11 – Woody’s verbal decimation of a yappy dog of an ex-girlfriend’s
1:47:52 – People who don’t have inner monologues & what the guys talk to themselves about
1:53:03 – Ad reads: Smartmouth & GOAT
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1:55:34 – The teacher who taught for 17 years old without being able to read English
1:59:18 – PKA Plays CoD: Black Ops Cold War Zombies (training, Box luck, Bosses & more)
2:11:00 – The guys talk PC mice, WASD expertise & Twitch text-to-speech trolling
2:18:21 – Oldschool keyboards, learning to use typewriters & awful High School typing classes
2:24:14 – Stunning stenographers and why they’ll never be replaced by AI speech processing
2:30:51 – Florida man brings 8 year old son to a crime scene in order to “toughen him up”
2:32:50 – Woody attempts to pronounce the name of Home Alone star, Macaulay Caulkin
2:40:06 – What would happen if a Benjamin Button figure tried to get it on with a teenager?
2:41:24 – The guys swap stories of lying and deceiving adults as kids to get their own way
2:48:37 – The time Richard Simmonds got ruthlessly mocked by Howard Stern live on air
2:52:26 – Betty White’s sad decline into senility & phony Japanese centenarians
2:54:21 – Trump supporters in denial over the 2020 election & AllGasNoBrake’s catalogue
2:57:44 – Nathan For You’s funniest skits: Dumb Starbucks, heroic pigs and more
3:03:31 – Woody introduces PKA to /r/SapphoAndHerFriend and two bi bros on reddit
3:10:42 – The historical accuracy of the movie 300, Greek democracy & more
3:16:34 – Wings and his top hat recently made it to the top post of reddit’s /r/Teenagers
3:19:46 – Opie & Anthony, Colin Quinn and Adam Sandler’s rollercoaster filmography
3:28:16 – Lethal hornets strike in Portugal & how Kyle’s dad got rid of a hornet infestation
3:31:18 – Kyle’s hornet injection & how the guys dealt with wasps/bees nests as children
3:37:08 – The Pope’s naughty Instagram activity & the shady side of the Catholic Church
3:44:03 – Mormonism, Scientology and the science behind Xenu & body thetans
3:49:23 – Which oldschool religion has the highest probability of being correct?
3:50:47 – Reinventing the calendar and why the US doesn’t like the metric system,
3:56:21 – The best fan edit of Braveheart, British Prima Nocta and Home Alone talk
4:02:35 – Taylor calls it a show

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