PKA 413 w/ Harley Morenstein Huge Silicone Sacks, Water Sport Blinding, Mansions of Madness

Published on November 3, 2021

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Timeline by LegitRage
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0:00:00 – Kyle introduces sponsors
0:00:50 – Fitness talk: Woody and Kyle are in a hot contest for the gold medal
0:36:55 – Taylor’s new punching bag that looks suspiciously like a 1930s German leader
0:38:29 – Man gets revenge on his one night stand by relieving himself onto her couch
0:40:43 – Man uses DNA evidence to prove his brother is cheating, is he a bad bro?
0:49:58 – Woody & Kyle teaming up to beat Joe Rogan & Ari Shaffir in a MEP challenge
0:52:30 – Ad read: Morning Recovery drink
0:53:47 – Woody wants to giveaway prizes to people who share PKA on social medias
0:58:27 – Kyle has been having vivid nightmares as of late
1:03:40 – Australian man goes blind as he engages in water sports with a Thai woman
1:07:32 – Stan Lee has passed away & people who live through long periods of history
1:09:56 – Man sentenced to 20+ years for swatting someone over a game of CoD
1:15:31 – Kyle’s experience with crazy x-ray technology & the evolution of weaponry
1:21:19 – The mystery and unsolved questions surrounding the LA hotel tragedy
1:26:17 – The secrecy of Bin Laden’s burial and the legacy of the Seal who shot him
1:34:26 – Jesse the Body Ventura’s combat service & crazy antics
1:36:42 – Kyle gets emotional when hearing Veteran stories
1:39:26 – How do the hosts feel about Top Gear?
1:41:52 – Video: Jeremy Clarkson explains why he loves the Porsche 928
1:44:48 – Ad read: Quip
1:46:13 – Woody’s abundance of dental floss & buying oversized clothing
1:51:40 – Return to fitness talk: Showering with the belt & Taylor’s missed MEPs
1:54:02 – Ad read: Stitch Fix
1:56:01 – The hassle and awkwardness of cleaning/snaking drains and plumbing
2:00:44 – TV show talk: King of the Hill, Disenchantment, Futurama & more
2:06:09 – Video: Fast food employee & customer brawl over ketchup
2:08:02 – Video: The Ambiguously Gay Duo sketch from SNL
2:11:52 – Man passes away after cult leader makes him inject silicone into his genitals
2:14:51 – Harley joins the show mid-silicone talk lol, the topic continues
2:16:52 – What’s new with Harley? Working with Facebook, Pizza in a Bag & more
2:25:47 – Harley evaluates Woody’s marionette dolls for the PKA Halloween episode
2:27:30 – Harley’s Star Wars nerd-out on PKA 392 & Taylor’s candle-making hobby
2:29:41 – Harley’s current hairstyle, Woody’s hood pass & Forest Whitaker’s movies
2:33:39 – Movie talk: The Outlaw King, The ballad of Buster Scruggs & more
2:39:01 – Why hasn’t Kyle played Red Dead 2 yet? And why he loves Blackout
2:42:42 – Ninja tries to get a stream sniper banned, the internet is having none of it
2:46:23 – The incredible talent of the elite (Shroud, Michael Vick, Bo Jackson & more)
3:00:44 – Ric Flair’s 30 for 30 documentary (Video: Ric Flair vs Jay Lethal’s woo-off)
3:08:58 – WWE talk: Roman Reigns retiring due to leukemia, Andre the giant & more
3:15:49 – Conor McGregor’s sparring session with The Mountain
3:18:03 – Woody & Kyle’s awful grandparents
3:19:50 – The growing popularity of face tattoos &
3:22:05 – Ad read: Audible
3:24:07 – Harley recommends PKA reads/listens to “The Three-Body Problem”
3:31:19 – Ad read: ABAY
3:33:56 – Magic: The Gathering talk: Harley’s interest & organising a PKA play session
3:41:35 – Harley’s nerdiness is completely mismatched with his physical appearance
3:45:48 – Harley pimps his social medias, thanks the guys and leaves the show
3:46:41 – It’s Always Sunny talk: Mac’s dance (video below) and review of Season 132
As per Woody’s request, the dance video:
3:53:35 – South Park talk and people who use scooters are scoundrels
4:01:08 – Ad read: ABAY
4:02:07 – Woody calls it a show

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