Pink Diamond Gets Grounded – Steven Universe (ANIMATIC)

Published on December 25, 2019

two ruthless authoritarian gems diplomatically sort out their problems

spoilers for the most recent episodes!

some notes:
1. well that was an interesting batch. the dream sequence was pretty creative, but i prefer to give pink more ragged hair, similar to her mural. i don’t like the ‘soft’ look for someone who’s been a mysterious figure for a long while
2. i’m not saying i want the two diamonds to have a relationship like lilo and nani, far from it. i just find it funny to think of them being a family and having very petty arguments
3. can you tell i’ve been getting into animation? it’s starting to appeal to me more and more, and it is basically the next step after animatics. for now, i’ll just add as many animated bits as i can (luckily this one was short enough to have fun with)
4. put on captions for optimal experience

thanks for ~98k subs! whoo we’re about to reach the big 100k and who the hell knows what i’ll do to celebrate

go to your room (lilo and stitch): []

memories in pieces (kingdom hearts): []

programs: paint tool sai + sony vegas 15
time: ~3 days
frames: 98

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