my smile is extinct – pmv [Rick x OC] [2016 – Read discription]

Published on December 27, 2019

Woah this is so old! I found this in my old files from a few years back, and I decided to upload it. I’ve improved since then but I remember feeling so happy with this back when I had finished it!

For backstory, Kora is my Rick and Morty OC. In her universe, her father Morty had a fight with his Rick and left. He decided to start over in a new universe. It had taken Rick many years but eventually, he found where his Morty had gone, though by this time he had a family. So instead of taking Morty on adventures, he decided that the next best thing was to take Kora on all the adventures he couldn’t take Morty on. Secretly he grows very fond of her, though she has no idea. One day she ends up revealing to Rick she has a crush on a boy at school, and well… Rick isn’t too keen on that.

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