My First Look At | Invader Zim – Review : Jetstream

Published on December 11, 2021

First in line of a new series!!! (well.. I did do old first episodes before, such as Cubix and B.U.M buuuut, this is a more new look on things!) Invader Zim, since he’s growing in popularity and… I personally like him a lot! LOL Might as well check out and see where he came from! 😀

So you know; starting to do reviews on Cartoons of first episodes. Most of which I’ve not seen before, but I will also look at some that I have seen, or at least got an idea about. I wanna try and upload smaller reviews.. I can review the next episode, if you so wish for it ^o^;

And don’t worry.. I WILL touch upon some cartoon films, but of course, they will just take me a lot longer to do ^^;

Hope you all, Enjoy!!! OwO
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