Multi layer graffiti stencil using Cricut Tutorial

Published on October 18, 2021

In this video you can learn how to create some multi layered stencils using your cricut Explore air 2 to create some awesome graffiti style artwork. Using the website as an easy accessible way to create our layers we then use the svg files to cut on the cricut. It’s an awesome website to play with and upload some family pics to create some unique art. To get that really cool graffiti effect spray paint is then used but less toxic options like paint rollers or brushes are a great alternative if you’d like to use this as a project for the kids.

Link to online software:
Machine: Cricut Explore Air 2
Paper stencils: 200 gsm Quill cardstock
Canvas: Just the cheapest one I could find at the office supply store
Spray cans: Ironlak Sugar -Use whatever is available to you and has a great color range. Montana, belton, Loop, Flame are all great spray cans to use.

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