Mermaid Secrets19-Mermaid Search by JoyPlus Tech (Premiere Version)

Published on January 12, 2020

Mermaid Secrets19- Mermaid Search by JoyPlus Tech (Premiere Version)

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The best mermaid line game for high school girls.Oh no! High school teacher Mrs. Blake exposes mermaid secrets to the cop. The police comesto Mia’s house and find some clues. Since Mia’s secrets has been revealed.Will she be in danger again?
Officer Sandra tells Mia’s identity to her BFF Ruby. This journalist receives a mysterious call. The whistleblower says that she find out a fish with human face in her neighbor’s home. What will happen next?

1.High school teacher Mrs. Blake comes to the police station. Will sheexposemermaid secrets to the cop.
2.Mrs. Blake expose high school girl Mia’s secrets to officer Sandra.
3.The police come to mermaid princess Mia’s home and find some clues. Is Mia a cute fish?
4.OMG! Sandra find cute fish’s scale and mermaid’s photo in Mia’s room.
5.Journalist Ruby hears some mermaid news. She plans to expose mermaid secrets to the public!
6.Gosh! The news reveals a real mermaid. What will Eric do to save his first love Mia? 7.Susan, high school boyEric ‘s neighbor finds a cute fish in the summer pool.
8.Susancalls the hot line and expose Mermaid princess Mia’s secrets to Ruby.
9.Ruby comes to high school boy Eric’s villa and plans to find mermaid secrets.
10.The UAV flies to thesummerpool, will the mermaid secrets to be exposed?

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