MBTI CULTURE – a song | ahoyitstalbot

Published on December 22, 2021

lol so i made a thing

it’s four in the morning and i can’t fall asleep
i’m googling random things and falling in way too deep
so i say hey let’s look for a free personality test
16 personalities? the first one must be the best…

the internet can be a very dangerous place
brace yourself for the most harrowing disgrace
of an online space 

it all started four years ago with an innocent click
long before everything hit me like a brick
i took the test, it said i was an infp
i read the description and said “shit that’s so me”

so i scrolled tumblr looking at memes about myself
slowly going insane and losing all my brain cells
oh there was no going back from here
it seemed my social life was bound to disappear

i made an account started writing shitposts
reblogging hundreds of those special snowflake quotes
i knew nothing more than what i had first read
my type is the rarest! the website got to my head

then one fateful day i found an internet dude
his name was c.s. joseph and he seemed a bit rude
he appeared on my screen with a whiteboard and a beard
claimed to be an expert and a social engineer

then i learned about the functions, dug deeper down the hole
i haven’t slept since then nor had an afternoon stroll
wrapped inside a blanket binge watching frank james
i realized that i’m, in fact, an infj

it’s the mbti culture, we’re all gonna die alone
hiding behind sixteen faces and the blue light of our phone
we haven’t seen the light of day in eighty-four years
and our pillows are stained with our existential tears

sensing types are stupid, heard this too many times
it’s a fascinating thing, this intuitive bias
so N types are the smartest, brightest best master race
really? cuz y’all can’t even seem to find your damn parking space

it’s time to end this song before it gets out of hand
it ended up much longer than i originally planned
so before i leave i want to say just one simple thing – 

even though we sometimes tend to disagree
this community is a place where i can be me
share my silly memes and my personality

i don’t regret the day i joined the mbti parade
this is a fandom i can never escape
and i’m forever grateful for all the friends that i have made
keep being yourselves, i love you and you’re great

follow @mbti.existentialism on instagram if you want spicy mbti content! i’m there as talbot the infj.

@ahoyitstalbot on ig, twitter and tumblr

i love you and i love this community which changed my life forever and made it possible for so many great people to come into my life.

-clara may talbot

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