Max & Ruby: Ruby’s Big Case / Ruby’s Rhyme Time / Max’s Library Card – Ep. 75

Published on January 22, 2020

75a. Ruby’s Big Case (Kapila) Ruby and Louise are reading a Bunny Drew Mystery in their new book club. Meanwhile Max is sending his helicopter out on search and rescue missions. When the last page of the Bunny Drew Mystery goes missing, Ruby and Louise think they know who dunnit – but they learn that the secret to a great mystery is that it’s never who you think it is.

Ruby wants to find the last page of her Bunny Drew mystery. Max just wants to play with his helicopter.

75b. Ruby’s Rhyme Time (Barris) Ruby is determined to win the Bunny Scout Poetry contest and takes Max out on a nature walk to be inspired. Max is inspired by the snacks that she’s packed for their expedition. And that’s what ends up helping Ruby finish her poem.

Ruby takes a nature walk for inspiration to create a poem for the Bunny Scout Poetry Contest, but Max just wants to eat the snacks she’s brought along.

75c. Max’s Library Card (Granleese) Ruby opens a lending library to share her love of books, and has a great book on magic that will help Max perfect his magic. But he can’t borrow a book until he makes his library card reappear.

Ruby wants to open a book lending library. Max wants to borrow a magic book for his magic act.

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