Making Rick and Morty figures

Published on October 29, 2021

Me making clear plastic Rick and Morty figures.

The Music used in this video was free to use. Original videos and links to the channels of the/their creators can be found here:

First song (Intro)
Channel: L’Orchestra Cinématique
* Rick and Morty – Main Theme | Epic Version
Original Video:

Second, Third, and Fourth songs
Channel: Aries Beats
* Aries Beats – Infinity
Original Video:
* Aries Beats – Synthwave Rhythmics
Original Video:
* Aries Beats – Retro Wave
Original Video:

Materials List:
Clay- Super Sculpey Firm
Gloss- Varathane Polyurethane
Silicone- EcoFlex 00-30
Mold Release- Vaseline
Resin- EasyCast Clear Casting Epoxy
Resin Dye- Resin Colorant Pigment
Paint Brushes (small)
Hot Glue Gun
Poster Board
Precision Blades
Mini Scale
Measuring Cups
Stir Sticks
Pressure Pot
Air Compressor

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