Making Of | "Our Frozen Past"

Published on October 24, 2021

Created by David James Armsby.

I love dinosaurs. I always have, and I’ve been trying to make them come to life for as long as I can remember. I started with pencils and plasticine when I was a kid and have since moved onto clay and animation as an adult. Dinosaurs inspired me to be creative from a very young age and that never went away.
My Dinosauria Series is a lot more than just a series of animated short films. I’ve been treating it like a gigantic artistic and educational adventure. The animated short films might be the end result but I’ve been doing so much more work than just that. I’ve been doing research, drawings, and even sculptures for these animations.

This video covers my creative process and ideas behind the art and themes of “Our Frozen Past”, the second film in my Dinosauria Series. Hope you all enjoy! 😀

Check out the whole “Dinosauria Animated Series” here!:

Sound Effects From;

“Dinosauria: Behind The Scenes” – Original Soundtrack by Jamal Green
Youtube OST:

Additional Music Used:
“Life in Silico” – Scott Buckley
“Wanderlust” – Scott Buckley

0:00 Introduction.
2:11 Pre-Production: “Research and Idea”
4:56 Pre-Production: “Sculpture”
8:15 Production: “The Story”
12:28 Production: “Sound Design”
15:30 Production: “Featured Species”
21:01 Evaluation.


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