Mail call 140! This was fun to make.

Published on November 8, 2021

My choices for three “Pride of Ownership” watches. Watch lots, and what to look for, and original 6139s versus fakes. Um, we talk LCD panel failures and fixes maybe, also do some looking at the 6306 sport divers. We get expert input about the Hoffa Waltham, and touch upon the question “will dress watches come back”. Lastly, a big post-credit ammonites video because darned near every rock here is made of or contains ammonites. Scratch that – it appears that EVERY rock here is an ammonite. At least, every one I touch.

PSA: This video contains sub-optimal levels of editing, namely, none. No script, no planning, no real editing, nothing. Same for the sound – if you can hear *anything* count that as a win. YMMV if you choose to blow part of your life on this. No Refunds. Enjoy!

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