Invader Zim Pet Day part 2 (Fan Animation)

Published on November 25, 2021

2nd part to my invader zim fan animation. I am no longer working on this due to the fact it would take me forever to animate this, plus its very out of date. Sorry peeps.

Part 1

for those who can’t hear the audio well here’s what it says at each given time.

0:10 who’d’ve thought we’d have pet day on such a short notice
0:13 this’ll be the perfect oportunity to expose zim for the fraud he is
0:17 I bet he’s worrying right now how he’s gonna get that little robot dog to act like a normal dog

0:29 You know Gir, I’ve been interested in how those tacos taste like
0:34 they don’t look as disgusting as the skool food
0:41 Dosn’t smell that bad
0:48 hmm this isn’t so bad, I may actually have another one of these. What’s in ’em?

0:54 There’s lettece, cheese and meat in it
0:58 meat…. EARTH MEAT!?
1:00 what are you trying to do, Poison me?!
1:03 I told you that earth meat is poisonous!
1:05 no you didn’t
1:09 Wait… if this is real earth meat, then why isn’t it making me sick

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