[Invader Zim MV] Every breath you take [one-sided ZaDr]

Published on November 28, 2021

The idea is about Dib watching Zim since his arrival. Time goes and Dib knows more about Zim and feels stitching pain inside (which means similar to love feeling when it’s one-sided). In the end Dib realizes that Zim is destroying Dib’s life and this realization breaks Dib but he can’t quit the business because of the his feelings and knowing that this enmity is all he has.

I was inspired by the song and had this idea for 11 days. Video was being made for 13 hours for 2 days and now you can watch it. I’m glad with my work and your feedback.

Song: Every Breath You Take by Chase Holfelder
Characters from “Invader Zim” belong to Jhonen Vasquez
Programs used: Paint Tool SAI 2, Sony Vegas Pro 13

My Tumblr: royalbootlace.tumblr.com
My VK group: https://vk.com/strange_normal_guys
My VK page: https://vk.com/fandomyforever
Special thanks to ZimTale (https://vk.com/zimtale)

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