.:Invader Zim-Issue #1 DUB:.

Published on November 24, 2021

THERE! IT’S FINALLY OUT AND DONE!!! After 800000 years of editing in a man cave that smells like feet and dead cats, I finally get this video out. Now I can release my captured voice actors for this project and not feed them to the Nightvale librarians 🙂

So this whole project took 3 months and is the first time I have edited a full on comic (so I was new at everything!!!), but it is soo late due to me finding one more actor because the original had complications (THANK YOU JORDAN!), being diagnosed with vitiligo, my mother having surgery, first year of high school starting, yada yada yada. I sooooo pray that the 3rd issue I HAVE to edit doesn’t take this long. When that comes out (tomorrow XD) I’m basically gonna be hunting down my actors to voice these lines and the second issue lines (wow, I’m soo strict XD). This was SOOO DELAYED, it makes me feel awful and disgusting (because I haven’t showered yet)

Ryan (Zim VA in this) and I are working on this collab project together, so when we work on the second issue, go to Ryan’s channel since he’s editing that issue. Good luck buddy, you are gonna need it. Yes, I repeat, I EDITED THIS WHOLE ISSUE BY MYSELF, AND IT WAS TORTURE! So, message to Ryan, if you need a break from editing the second issue, send it to me so I can edit some of it in my freetime 🙂 I don’t want you suffering like I did. Especially since you are busier than me. So when you hunt down for the second dubbed issue of IZ, go to Ryan’s channel linked below and above.

I want to thank some actors in particular: Jordan Haro, Breyon Roberson, Ryan Parente, and Emma Dibattiste (EmpressEmma). Jordan AND Breyon actually had what a week (for Jordan 2 days) to record lines, and they both gave me AMAZING QUALITY WORK! Same went to Emma where I literally gave her what 20 minutes to record lines XD And to Ryan, who had to suffer through his voice tearing illness over the summer yet still managed to do an AMAZING JOB at ZIM! YOU ALL DESERVE COOKIES AND MASSAGES! Gosh, I torture my actors XD

If anyone can catch the Easter Eggs I placed in this dub (show reference, song reference from a series, etc…) you get a shoutout and a sub 🙂


Zim: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCf-AZ69etuvoQCQ_nQe6zBg

Dib: https://www.youtube.com/user/DeadTom22

Gir: https://www.youtube.com/user/Floppy98x42

Gaz: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8kA2pYQ87dRyuAYSosMb3A

Vortian: https://instagram.com/blackgoku2013/

Dib’s Computer: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSBbP0NZwRESjtdME2hdoZA


All rights belong to Jhonen Vasquez (spelling) and Invader Zim is owned by Jhonen and Nickelodeon. I NO NOTHING OF THE COMIC OR SONGS. I JUST OWN THE VOICE THAT I USED IN THIS COMIC!

Fly away pigs, I’m gonna sleep and drink my chocolate milk.

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