Invader zim enter the florpus in a nutshell (read pinned comment)

Published on November 30, 2021

I started working on this after i saw the movie and im surprised i got it done in like 24 hours uwu,. Anyways yee plese dont repost or claim as yours, it actually toook alot of editing effort, more than it looks 😅. Anyways ive waited about 3 yaers for enter the florpus and the wait was woeth it. Invader zim has been one of my longest and favourite fandoms, i joined when i was like 5 😂 and meet Richard hotvitz (zim) at fanxbo not too many years ago 💚💚 couldn’t recommend this movie enough, even if your not in the fandom
edit: wow ok didn’t expect to see this blow up.. but alot of my other stuff doesn’t get love so maybe if you were to check it out that would. make my day /w

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