Invader Zim but it's just Lard Nar & the Resisty

Published on December 3, 2021

IZ has a lot of characters that show up once or twice and weren’t really that important but the fans just take them and collectively think “this is the STAR CHILD OF IZ, he is BABY, I will give him the WORLD”

I’m one of those fans, as you can see

it’s a shame we don’t know if these guys later in the series, or even in any scrapped episodes. I feel like they had potential to play a bigger role but oh well ._.
(actually as I’m typing this out I remember Lard Nar alone was supposed to make a cameo in The Trial which– 🥺💓)

Anyway, I’m currently making a video that’ll put other minor characters in the spotlight (the Resisty won’t be in that vid, that’d be too much resisting) and that should come out later today. I’m also planning a sequel to the IZ out of context video, and animating random characters as Christmas themed vines.

ok that’s enough description, move along

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