If Mikasa gave Eren a different answer

Published on July 21, 2022

Attack on Titan season 4 part 2 episode 12 has wrapped up the final season part 2 of aot, and it has brought us the much awaiter Eren mikasa what am I to you scene. Eremika is a controversial ship with a few scenes in snk, so We present to you our Eren Mikasa kiss scene.

Eren season 4 and Mikasa have had a few scenes together, culminating in the night eremika confession scene. So we decided to spice it up with an Eren mikasa kissing scene. instead of Mikasa’s family line. As we head to the attack on titan ending in season 4 part 3, the Eren rumbling and founding titan have reached Marley to rumble everything to hell. So in the meantime we parody the aot s4 eren mikasa moments to hell on our end while we wait for more shingeki no kyojin

Studio Mappa has delivered us a well animated season 4 part 2 ending scenes with the rumbling, so let’s see what happens with the ending in Aot season 4 part 3!

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