I was not prepared for this || Death Stranding Director's Cut || PS5

Published on October 28, 2021

I was not prepared for this || Death Stranding Director’s Cut || PS5

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Welcome back for another Death Stranding video, so when I was running low on chiral crystals I decided to pick a fight with a BT so we could collect those precious crystals but was not expecting to see 3 of them and only had a shotgun and a few Hematic grenades on me, certainly not enough for 3 of them on very hard difficulty. Was so close to beating them but oh well I got my revenge later on. Hope you enjoy and again thank you so much for all the support on the series, you guys are awesome 😀

The Death Stranding Director’s Cut features a whole host of changes and new features. The changes you can expect to see from the addition of new game modes to extra story missions and improved customization options.

There are a few new times available in Death Stranding Director’s Cut that help make deliveries a little easier. First up, is the Support Skeleton. This can be equipped early on in the game and makes it a lot faster for Sam to travel across the map. There is also the addition of the Maser Gun which shoots out electrical charges to incapacitate enemies. This can be acquired at order 77 (which unlocks at the same time as order 9).

When you access terminals now, you’ll see the option to test out all of our weapons in The Firing Range. There is a huge variety of drills for you to test your skills featuring targets from BTs to MULEs. You’ll also find the Ranked Drills option that will let you go up against other players and see who gets the highest score.

Right by Timefall Farm, there is now the option to build a race track. Not only will this unlock a series of time trials for you to take part in but you’ll also be able to fabricate the Roadster – a brand new vehicle. Similarly to The Firing Range, the race track lets you take part in Ranked Races against other players to compete for the best score.

There are a few new structures you can create with a PCC. There is a Jump Ramp that will give Sam a little extra boost to make it across small distances in a vehicle. Chiral Bridges are also now available that are handy for smaller spaces. Lastly, there’s the Cargo Catapult that can help launch your cargo across the map, towards its intended destination. It also comes with a parachute so you can safely guide your cargo to its recipient without it being damaged.

There are a variety of new ways you can customize Sam’s equipment now. With his backpack, for instance, you can change the colour of it but also add patches. You can also change the colours on your BB to go with your chosen colour scheme.

There are some brand new story missions that have been added as part of the Death Stranding Director’s Cut. You can access these new deliveries quite early on (around the same time you unlock orders 9 and 10). These take place in the new area on the map called The Ruined Factory.

Death Stranding Director’s Cut certainly makes use of the DualSense controller. You’ll be able to feel more movement, with the haptic feedback letting you experience each step Sam takes on rough terrain. There are additional sounds that are also designed to improve your immersion in the game, as you walk through grass, cross rivers or crunch through the snow.

The Buddy Bot is the perfect companion in Death Stranding Director’s Cut that will help you carry more cargo around. You can load this up with cargo and have it follow you or you can even ride it, by setting the destination where you want to go and letting the Buddy Bot carry you there.

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