I Am a Martyr- SRD

Published on July 14, 2020

The audio is big terrible. Make sure you turn your volume down a bit. I was messing around with some new recording equipment and it didn’t turn out very good.

I’m likely being a bit overdramatic with the title, but that’s how I felt throughout the whole thing. OKAY SO, I had this video recorded in February, and it was in the process of editing for a few days after; I completely forgot about it when I got like halfway through. All the way up until I rediscovered that it wasn’t done when I was going through purging my Premiere files.

ALRIGHT, with a little help, I picked out a few songs that I had never listened to before in an attempt to give K-pop music a real chance before I continue senselessly bashing it. So, consider it a blind k-pop reaction. Because that’s what it is.

0:00 Long, Boring Intro
3:43 Kill This Love- BLACKPINK
5:24 What Is Love?- Not Haddaway (TWICE)
6:55 Butterfly- LOONA
8:43 Burnin’ Up (Fire)- BTS
10:53 Touch My Body- SISTAR

Please don’t kill me Stans.

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